I have had some people over the last few years contacting me asking me for sheet music to some of my original tunes, so decided to add some of the sheet music to my website to make it easier for folks who might like to play some of my tunes. Stay tuned because I plan on adding more throughout the year.
Just click on any of the buttons below and a free downloadable pdf will open up. 
Some of these tunes are off my CD which is on CDbaby.com. Some of them will be coming out this year, or might be ones you can hear us playing in some live shows on youtube videos. Also, if you put my name in a Youtube search along with the word "original" a number of my original songs and tunes should come up that I have done with various folks over the years. For the singing songs, I have often put the lyrics typed out in the "more info" section under the Youtube video. 
Please let me know if you are playing them and enjoying them. The tunes have been copyrighted, and I am registered through BMI so please go through the normal procedures if you do decide to officially record them.
I love to hear my tunes brought to life by different folks, so please send me a recording if you do one! 
Happy pickin'!      :)