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My tunes from my CD  "Bond Street Sessions," as well as my newer singles "John Wesley Hardin," "Zora's Waltz," and "Buddy's Farewell" with her band, Bluegrass Collusion, are available for purchase at my Bandcamp page. The songs are also available on live streaming platforms like Pandora, Spotify, etc. I would be honored to be added to any spotify playlists or the like.  :)

Click the l
ink below to get to the Bandcamp page.  Below I put the artwork to look for as you look on various platforms. The one in color by Jason Dengler is for my original album, so will be the artwork for any of those tunes off of my album "Bond Street Sessions, which were recorded in Virginia. Then the singles I released more recently were recorded in New York and each of those have a version of Ben Belcher's artwork for their title.   

My music is on Band Camp. Please follow me there if you do BandCamp. 
You may click on the image below to go right to the album or single.


I am also on
Spotify and Pandora

If you would like a hard copy of my CD "Bond Street Sessions" or my DVD one may contact me by email or purchase it from
County Sales.  

My photography is available for view, and if you might like it, purchasable at
The Mountain Music Project CD and/or the DVD  are available from her directly or from the website
One can also stream our film "The Mountain Music Project" on Amazon now. Here is the link to watch the film on Amazon. If you like it, feel free to share the link around and to give us a nice 5 star rating too.  :)

She also has submitted and published some of her articles and photography with a great on line bluegrass news source that you might want to check out- 
When it comes to picks, I use
blue chip picks or Tone slab picks! or

When it comes to mandolin cases- I use a Crossrock Case!
 Link to video with crossrock case.

For booking concerts, screenings of the Mountain Music Project film, music lessons, workshops, photography or video jobs, or if you might be interested in coming on one of my tours to Nepal email:

If folks would like to donate to my educational and artistic projects, I have a PayPalMe link here.
or a
Patreon link here. Please consider becoming my patron. 

front cover art by Jason Dengler
Artwork for Tara's 2018 single releases
Tara Linhardt-Buddys_artwork.jpg
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