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For CONTACT -booking concerts; screenings of the Mountain Music Project film; music lessons on guitar, mandolin or ukulele, workshops; session work; photography or video jobs; or Nepal Tours please email:













I head up a company leading MUSIC, ARTS, and CULTURE TOURS TO NEPAL (click on this link to get to that website). We also lead trekking and custom tours as well. Contact me if you might be interested in the next tour. We can email the detailed brochure and itineraries. I am also collecting names and info for people interested in other upcoming opportunities and tours. There is an amazing one week trekking extension offered after the Culture Tour. I also offer volunteering or tutorial extensions after the trekking extensions. 

We are also taking registrations for our upcoming tours. Email me for brochure with prices, itineraries, etc. 

Dates and more details are at my website-

We also lead custom tours for groups so let us know if you have a group with any special interests and we can set up an appointment to discuss us helping your dreams and adventures come true!


One does not need to be a musician, or an artist to come on a Music, Arts, and Culture Tour! One just needs to have interests in such things and have interests in meeting people who actually make the art and music and live in authentic cultures. We have a great time on the trips and people generally come out of the trip with new life long friends that they made in our groups and along the way. Check out the website for video clips, photos, and testimonials from past participants.  

We offer our standard flagship Arts and Culture Tours and optional trekking extensions, but also do some other options. We also can organize and lead custom tours for groups. We can organize and lead student group tours as well. If you have a group and are interested in a custom group tour contact us and let us know your interests and group size and we can go from there.


I also offer opportunities following the tour and trek for people to volunteering, to have extra extensions like a jungle safari in the warm flatter south of Nepal, or to study some arts or crafts of Nepal. For instance one may take a tutorial in:   

  • Woodcarving

  • Nepali cooking

  • Craftmaking

  • Kukhuri knife making

  • Sarangi (Nepal fiddle) playing

  • Nepali drumming

  • Nepali drum making

  • Singing Bowl Sound bath therapy training

  • Yoga

  • Nepali or Tibetan Dance

  • pottery making

  • Nepali flute playing

  • Bird-watching and nature hikes

  • Mandolin or guitar lessons

  • And other possibilities. If there is something that Nepal is known for and you have an interest to learn it, contact us and we may have contacts in that area as well and can arrange a tutorial after our tour for you. 


Tara Linhardt, mandolin, 1935 chevy truck, antique, old time

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I have a youtube channel called Mandolicious Music. Feel free to check out some music on there. It is great if you subscribe to the channel and please click "like" or leave a comment if you like a certain video. 

On my youtube channel I have a number of series often focused on arts and musics. I have a series on the arts and culture of Nepal.

I also have a series called "The Treasured Word Series" focusing on learning about the endangered languages of the Himalayan region enabling you to actually hear and learn some of the languages from native speakers at an intro level. click here to check them out.

I have an Instagram, that link is here.

You can also find my music on Spotify, Pandora, itunes, and most other streaming platforms. Just search under "Tara Linhardt" and also "Bluegrass Collusion."

And here are some highlights from our Music Arts Adventures 2023. 
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