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Testimonials from past Tara's "Music Arts Adventures"

Nepal Tour participants

“Looking back on my trip, it’s one of the most meaningful trips I have done in my life.” Olga B.

“Nepal has the nicest people on earth. Thanks to Tara for introducing us to them and allowing us a chance to learn something of their amazing culture and history.”   Wally Hughes 

“My search for Buddhism made sense in Nepal.”   Gay H.

"Tara's extensive knowledge of the language, culture, and layout in Nepal, along with her real connections to the people there, made the tour an easy, relaxed journey where we could just have fun and enjoy our time there. A fantastic trip I'd definitely do again!"   Lisa Kay Howard

"If you have even thought about visiting Nepal, you should go with Tara Linhardt on this trip. It is a fabulous tour and you will learn and experience so much. We went in 2020, right before the pandemic, and it is a life-changer!"  Jefferson Glassie

"This trip had so much packed into it! I loved it all. I can't wait to go back again."   Deb Sandford

"This trip is welcoming to musicians and non-musicians alike. A once in a lifetime experience. We love how you and Ian seem to know everyone in Nepal and everything about it.  It was great seeing the area with such experts and enthusiants!"  Carolyn Schiff

“Anyone can take you on a canned tour, but Tara took us took us off the beaten path to meet real people and see real lives. I loved it!” 
Evan Sands

"The mix of activities and experiences are something a solo traveler or group going alone would have no way to put together themselves. The connections made with all the people as a whole will remain with me forever. It was awesome and I want to go back. Thank you so much for putting together an amazing experience."   Mike S. 

“Tara’s Tour was really good value for the money – well worth the cost.” David P.


“Meeting such a wide-ranging group of Nepalis was the highlight for me – everything from cultural academics to local artisans to impoverished children with big smiles.”   David Porteus

“I felt that I got to see a more authentic side of Nepal than I would have on our own or in a larger tour.

“The views were stunning! This trip was a big bang for the buck considering all the was included!”   Julie

I don't usually do group tours for travel. But on this trip I did not feel so much like I was on a group tour as much as a fun trip and adventure with friends, even though I didn't even know most of the people on our trip until I got to Nepal. I loved it."   Zondra Skertich

“Nepal is a paradise for art.”  Gay Henderson

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