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General Music Instruction Background

Tara teaching guitar at the Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival Kid's Academy in New Jersey. 

Tara has been teaching mandolin, guitar, bouzouki, ukulele, and tenor guitar to all ages of people for over a decade both in person and online . She can teach not just how to play the music, but can also teach about traditional musics and the cultures and histories of the music. She has presented about the music at various universities and events as well as playing and performing the music.


She makes learning music really fun and accessible no matter what someone's background is. With a Masters in Education as well as years of learning music in the context of bluegrass, old time, Irish, and Swing jazz jam sessions and gigs she can comfortably teach music theory to those interested, or just cut to playing the hot jam tunes of a given genre, or teach how to improvise chord substitutions, or play a hot solos.


She has been teaching privately as well as at various music camps and festivals and workshops. She has taught both guitar and mandolin at the Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival,  conducted workshops at many bluegrass festivals, taught all levels of mandolin classes at McDaniel College's Traditions week, presented about traditional musics at National Geographic, the Rubin Museum, and various universities around the US.


She teaches all ages-private or group lessons by appointment and can also teach online lessons on a variety of platforms to anyplace in the world. 



Tara teaching guitar at the Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival Kid's Academy in PA.

Doing a mandolin workshop at the DC Bluegrass Festival.

“My lessons with Tara have been so fun and rewarding. I have such a sense of accomplishment!”


Tara and other teachers at McDaniel College Bluegrass Week, Westmister, MD.

Some of her kid students getting ready to play on stage in the kids contest at The Maury River Fiddlers Convention.

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